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Establishing A New Benchmark For IT

LNKE Technologies offers full service IT support.

What We Offer

Budget-friendly, custom managed IT solutions that gives your organization the efficiency and reliability of a Fortune 500 company. From IT consulting and ongoing technical support, to cloud-based systems and web development. LNKE Technologies can provide you with a comprehensive plan that will not only keep your organization running smoothly but give you peace of mind with our service guarantee.

Complete and Flexible

With a wide range of experience in a variety of industries from healthcare to state and local government, we can approach your challenges from different angles and execute a plan of action that meets your organizational needs.

More Solutions, Less Big IT


No two organizations are configured exactly the same way, so why should their systems be? LNKE Technologies helps organizations – just like yours – break free from cookie-cutter IT configurations made for big departments with even bigger budgets. We’ll provide you with an efficient, high-tech solution that is tailored for your workflow and your budget.

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