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We understand the importance of your mission which is why customer success is at the center of what we do. Identifying opportunities for improvement while maintaining quality standards, we strive to deliver results that are impactful to our government customers and align with their agency goals. With an overall “Top Performer” rating and an impressive 97 out of 100% in Reliability, Quality and Customer Service, we are setting the standard you should expect from your industry partners.

Capabilities Statement
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Contract Vehicle


LNKE Technologies has teamed up with Taurean Agile Cyber Defense under GSA 8(a) STARS II GWAC. This contract is an 8(a) small business set-aside that provides flexible access to customized IT solutions under Constellation I in the following Functional Areas:

  • Functional Area 1 – Custom Computer Programming Services
  • Functional Area 2 – Computer Systems Design Services
  • Functional Area 3 – Computer Facilities Management Services
  • Functional Area 4 – Other Computer Related Services

Contract Number: GS00Q17GWD2044

Information Sheet

Managed IT Support

With responsive, onsite or remote support from the professionals at LNKE Technologies, you will feel confident that your systems will perform at their best. We offer customized support plans and flexible options built around solving your unique challenges. If your requirement calls for full or part-time support, you’re guaranteed to receive the same level of service without compromising quality.

Servers (virtual or onsite)

Servers are the most important part of any network. The professionals at LNKE Technologies have years of experience configuring, deploying and managing servers tailored to your specifications while giving you room to grow.

Web Development

Web and mobile applications that automate tasks, improve productivity or efficiently manage data. Our team of developers are skilled in a variety of web technologies such as PHP, HTML5, Java, JavaScript, CSS, .Net, C#, VB and XML.

Consulting and Project Management

LNKE Technologies provides on-site specialists, dedicated to the implementation of your IT Solutions. Our accredited team provides a wide range of government interface experience to produce and implement a plan of action that meets your organization’s needs.


A finely-tuned computer network is the backbone to a powerful communications system for any institution.  LNKE takes great care in designing and implementing quality, custom networks that allow you to effortlessly share information, e-mail, printing, scanning, and gaining web access all within your budget.


For some organizations, going wireless is the best fit.  Because wireless networks streamline business operations with less equipment, it saves money.  LNKE Technologies can professionally install a secure wireless network using your existing devises, giving your institution the tools for the best possible working environment.

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