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Dun & Bradstreet Past Performance Evaluation – Top Tech Performer

The results are in and LNKE Technologies achieved an overall score of 95% out of 100 from its customers in D&B Open Ratings Past Performance Evaluation (PPE). This score ranks LNKE Technologies as a “Top” performer, among peer firms. The PPE assesses a company’s performance relative to its peers in the same industry and is commonly requested as part of the vendor bid process for government agencies. The areas evaluated by the PPE include Reliability, Cost, Order Accuracy, Delivery/Timeliness, Quality,

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In today’s technologically advanced world, employers in nearly every industry are instituting revolutionary changes that are transforming the workplace. The utilization of advanced technology provides employees, clients and employers alike with numerous advantages. While many of these technological practices may have appeared to be little more than fleeting trends in the beginning, it is becoming apparent that five of these practices are here to stay.

Video Conference Calls

In the past, many occupations required employees to travel frequently for business

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Stop Wearing the IT Hat and Grow Your Business


When you own a small business, you wear a lot of hats. Some of them can be a fun break from your usual focus, but others are just an uncomfortable fit. Engaging a third-party IT provider part-time or on a project basis is a great way to hand off one of your hats so you can focus on the one you’re best at and most important – growing your business. See how you can save money with this strategy.

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Veterans Winning in Technology


Ever since I began keeping note of  the latest trends, technology has grown exponentially. By the year 2020, computer occupations are expected to see an increase of 22 percent with some subcategories, like software development, growing by as much as 32 percent. Blame it on machine learning, Blockchain, the digitization of commercial enterprise, cloud adoption or consumer habits – the technology industry is booming and that means competition is fierce.


“The race for competitive advantage has

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